About Northe company

Our story

Northe is a Tech Startup founded in Stockholm by David Fauné, Stefano De Colli, and Tamas Hess in 2020.

Tamas was an early EV adopter and quickly realized the complexity associated with electric charging for cars, and David had experience in the car industry.

Together, they introduced Stefano to create a solution, and Northe was born.

Our vision

Northe’s vision is to simplify the transition from fossil fuel-driven cars to electric ones, emphasizing the end-user.

Our goal is to provide a platform that simplifies payments and administration in the EV landscape.

Driving electric should be an flawless experience, and we want to make it so.

Northe platform

We have connected with an extensive network of public, semi-public, and private partners to provide our customers a seamless charging experience. Our platform facilitates & automates the management of everyday charging needs. All in one.

Northe has been active since 2021 and targets the European EV market together with our partners.

You are probably using Northe, whenever you rent, lease, own, or simply drive an EV.

More about us

Northe is a charging service by Charge4Go AB.
VAT-number SE559239826601

c/o Convendum Kungsgatan 9,
111 43 Stockholm, Sweden.