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A platform for all EV drivers


This solution is for all businesses, large or small.

We offer solutions for various companies, residential buildings, fleets, and car-sharing.


One stop app for anyone who drives an EV.

Download the app to charge your next adventure.
Read more about the functions, features, and options in the Northe app.

Supported providers

We have partnered with the largest public networks in Europe to ensure you have the access you need.


Get started now

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Get access to the majority of all charging operators in one app. Use a vast network of charging stations, plan your route and pay directly in the app.

Find chargers

Find chargers near your location or wherever you plan to go. With an easy to use map and navigation, you can find all the charging stations that you need.

Plan route

Never run out of battery. With Northe’s route planner, the app will automatically assist you to reach your destination with the optimal battery life.


Pay directly through the app or use your connected charging card at the charging station. All of your charging history is allocated in the Northe app.

Charge your car at home

Do you drive a company leased car? Through Northe you can now charge your leased car at home. Click the link below for more information.

Get your business moving

We're ready when you choose to move your fleet to electric.

From start-ups to large companies, we have your charging administration covered. Northe provide businesses with a platform to manage payments, operators, accounts, and more - all in one place.