Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) together with the Northe Privacy Policy govern your (“You” or the “User”) use of the Northe mobile application and any other related services (“Service”) provided by charge4go AB, corp. ID no. 559239-8266 operating under the brand name "Northe"(“Northe”, “Us” or “We”).

  • 1. General

    By registering for, or using, the Service or any portion of it You accept these Terms of Use. Registration without explicit acceptance of the Terms of Use is not possible. You have three (3) years to notify Northe if You have any complaint about the Service.The Service includes, but is not limited to the websites, the Northe mobile application (the “Mobile App”) and any related services and products provided by Northe under its own brand or through a partners’ which may include, but is not limited to, identifying and navigating to charging stations for electric vehicles, initiating and paying for charging sessions (including through the use of cards or tags using RFID-technology), and providing certain information relating to the charging session (e.g., pricing, availability, type of chargers available, invoice information).Northe reserves the right to in sole discretion change, add and remove features of the Service at any time without prior notice to the User.These Terms of Use are applicable in any country and/or region that the Service is available in.

  • 2. Privacy

    Northe processes your personal data in accordance with our Privacy policy.

  • 3. Prices and Professional Use of the Service

    All prices shown in the Mobile App are inclusive of VAT. When using the Mobile App to initiate a charging session the price will appear before your charging process begins. The cost of using the Service to charge your electric vehicle is based on one, or a combination of different factors. These factors might be, but are not limited to, kWh used during charging, charging time, parking time, session starting fees.
    You acknowledge that the final price is dependent on how You use the Service and that it is therefore not always possible to calculate the final price before the charging process has finished.
    Certain parts of the Service may be restricted for the exclusive use of businesses, entities, and/or individuals using the Service for their trade or business activities (“Business Accounts”). Business Accounts may be charged different and/or additional fees as agreed separately in writing with Northe. For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms of Use shall be applicable on all use of the Service insofar as nothing else has been agreed to in writing by Northe.

  • 4. Billing and Payment

    You are responsible for ensuring that the registered payment card is valid, not blocked, has sufficient funds and that You are authorised to use it. If debiting the registered payment card is not possible, Northe has the right to seek payment from You by other means, such as by sending a separate paper invoice for your use of the Service. If a separate paper invoice due to your payment being overdue section 4.2 applies.
    You are responsible for ensuring that the payment information is correct and up to date in the Northe user account connected to the Service. Payment failure will lead to termination of the user account.
    Payments from You to Northe are handled by one or more third party payment processor(s). Northe does not accept any liability for faults or disruptions in the payment process.

  • 4.1. Invoice payment terms

    Due date for invoices is 15 days after the invoice has been activated. Northe will store and display information of the billing in the customer account with payment history and standing balance from the current month that has not yet been invoiced in the Mobile App.

  • 4.2. Late payments

    If You fail to pay the full amount due on the invoice, Northe reserves the right to prevent You from using the Service by suspending your account and/or preventing you from registering a new account. If Northe prevents you from using the Service due to payment failure You are still obligated to pay any outstanding invoice and/or fee relating to use of the Service.
    Northe will apply a default interest rate of 10% or the maximum default interest rate permitted by law (whichever is lowest) on any outstanding amount and issue a paper invoice. The paper invoice will be sent to the postal address that is registered in the Mobile App. If no postal address has been registered in the Mobile App, the paper invoice will be sent to the postal address where You are registered in the population register. If a paper invoice has been sent and full payment has not been received before or on the due date, a reminder notice will be sent out and You will be obligated to pay a reminder fee.
    If a reminder notice has been sent and full payment has not been received before or on the due date, Northe reserves the right to hand the matter over to debt collection which will result in additional fees.

  • 5. Billing Accounts

    The billing account function enables users to create and join one or more account(s) that are shared between multiple users (a “Billing Account”). A Billing Account allows multiple users to debit their charging to a single payment card or another payment method as selected by the administrator (the “Administrator”) of the Billing Account.
    Users that have created, or who are connected to one or more Billing Account, may at any time switch between the Billing Account(s) and their personal account in the Mobile App. Switching between accounts will change the payment method debited to that which is selected for each account.
    When creating a Billing Account, You will be designated as the Administrator of said account. The Administrator can invite other users to the Billing Account and select the applicable payment method for charging sessions. The Administrator may at any time remove other users from the Billing Account using the Mobile App.
    You acknowledge and accept that inviting other users to a Billing Account gives them access to paying for their charging in the Mobile App, using the payment method as selected by the Administrator of the Billing Account.
    You acknowledge and accept that as the Administrator of a Billing Account You are strictly liable for all charging costs and other applicable fees resulting due to charging session(s) by other users in the same Billing Account. Furthermore, You acknowledge and accept that as the Administrator of a Billing Account You will be debited for every charging session that You or any user in the Billing Account initiates. Northe shall have no liability for any charging session that results in the User being debited for the charging of another user connected to the same Billing Account.
    Debiting a Billing Account will generate an invoice that will be visible for the Administrator of said account. The invoice will contain information about the charging session and the user that debited the Billing Account (e.g., name and address, time, duration and location of the charging session). As Administrator of a Billing Account You are responsible for handling any information about another user of the Service in accordance with applicable privacy laws.
    The Billing Account function is available free of charge with a limit of three individual accounts connected to a single Billing Account (including the Administrator). If agreed upon in writing with Northe, Businesses Accounts may be allowed to connect more than three users to a Billing Account, in such cases separate terms and conditions, including fees, may apply.
    Northe reserves the right to in sole discretion freeze access to a Billing Account and/or disable the Billing Account without prior notice.

  • 6. Charging Cards

    You may order a RFID charging card (“Charging Card”) through the Mobile App. An estimation of arrival of the Charging Card will be displayed when You order the Charging Card or in the order confirmation. The current price to order a Charging Card will be clearly visible in the Mobile App and includes VAT and shipping charges. The currency applied for the purchase is dependent on which country the Charging Card is ordered to. You will receive a confirmation of the purchase by email, and/or in the Mobile App. It is only possible to order the Charging Card to post addresses where the Service is available.
    Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, Northe may from time to time offer the User a Charging Card free of charge, as part of a marketing campaign or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms of Use will be fully applicable on such orders. When the Charging Card is ordered free of charge, You may only order up to two (2) Charging Cards, further orders will be subject to a fee as referred to in the above paragraph. Northe reserves the right to end an offer which lets the User order a Charging Card free of charge at any time without prior notice.
    If You receive a defect Charging Card, Northe will provide You with a new Charging Card free of charge. You have the right to cancel the purchase of your Charging Card within fourteen (14) days from the date of the order. A Charging Card that You wish to return shall be sent to: Charge4go AB, c/o Convendum, Katarinavägen 15, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden.
    You may at any time remove the Charging Card from the Service through the Mobile App.

  • 7. Vouchers

    Northe may from time to time offer You a promotion code (“Voucher”) that can be activated in the Mobile App. Upon activating the Voucher in the Mobile App, the User may receive a discount, credit or similar offer (“Promotional Offer”). A voucher is a one-time offer and may be limited to one Voucher per User. You may not be able to combine a Voucher with any other offer(s). A Voucher is non-transferable and may not be sold or refunded. If You receive a credit as part of a Promotional Offer you are liable to pay Northe for cost incurred when using the Service that exceeds the credit.
    A Voucher and Promotional Offer are only valid until the specified expiration date. Northe reserves the right to modify and/or cancel a Voucher and/or Promotional Offer. A Voucher and/or Promotional Offer may exclude Business Accounts and/or be limited to certain parts of the Service (e.g., the User may not be able to use a Promotional Offer when connected to a Billing Account).

  • 8. Route Planner

    Through the route planner, available in the Mobile App, users travelling between different locations can receive recommendations of charging stations along the designated route to charge their electrical vehicle (“Route Planner”). The recommendations in the Route planner are based on, e.g., car model, distance, battery capacity. Certain car models can be saved in the Mobile App to generate recommendations based on the battery capacity of the car model, this feature is not available for plug-in hybrid cars. The Route Planner is available free of charge in the Mobile App.
    The Route planner should only be used for an initial estimation. Actual battery usage is dependent on several factors that the Route Planner does not take into account and which may severely affect the range of the electric vehicle.
    The Route Planner is provided on an “as is” basis. Northe does not warrant that the Route Planner will provide accurate or in any way reliable results.
    Northe will under no circumstances accept any liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from use of, or otherwise relating to, the Route Planner.

  • 9. Charging Stations

    It is the responsibility of the charging station operator to ensure that the charging stations are operating properly. Northe does not accept any liability for faults and defects in the charging stations or any tools (e.g., cables, converters, or adapters) belonging to the charging station.

  • 10. Your Obligations

    You are always obligated to:
    - Follow all instructions provided at the charging station and ensure that the charging process is performed correctly;
    - comply with all applicable parking regulations at or in the area around the charging stations;
    - not use the Service in bad faith of any error or fault with the Service, charging station or vehicle being charged;
    - ensure that the personal and payment information registered in the Mobile App is correct and up to date;
    - protect your password and account information in the Mobile App;
    - ensure that no unauthorised person(s) have access to your account and/or any Charging Card(s) without your permission; and
    - ensuring that all tools (e.g., the charging cable) used in connection with the charging are proper and working as intended.
    If You suspect that your account has been hacked or that someone who’s unauthorised is using your personal account, Billing account in the Mobile App and/or your Charging Card, You are obligated to immediately report this to Northe by emailing: hello@northe.app
    If You lose your Charging Card, you’re obligated to immediately remove your Charging Card from your account in the Mobile App.
    Northe is entitled to end an ongoing charging immediately and/or restrict access to parts of, or the entire Service, if: (i) You in any way fail to meet your obligations under these Terms of Use or any other agreement between You and Northe, (ii) if You have given false information in order to deceive Northe and/or its partners, or (iii) if Northe has reason to believe that a third party has unauthorised access to an account related to the Service. Upon such termination Northe has the right to take necessary actions in order to protect Northe and/or its partners from damages and You may be obligated to indemnify Northe from any costs or damage.

  • 11.1. Force majeure

    Northe is not responsible for any changes in law, failure or delay in delivery, telephone and network connections, war, sabotages of charging stations, irregularities in the supply of electricity, strike, boycott, or other similar circumstances beyond the control of Northe.

  • 12. Cancellation Policy

    You have the right to delete your account without any given reason. Deleting your account can be done by contacting customer support. After you have requested your account to be deleted, You may not be able to re-enter your account, nor use your Charging Card. If You delete your account and open a new account, your charging history and any other information will not be transferred to your new account.
    Deleting your account does not exclude any financial obligation You may have towards Northe relating to the Service.
    You may delete your account by sending an email with your request to: adios@northe.app‍

  • 13. Contractual Term and Terminations

    These Terms of Use are binding between Northe and the User the first time You register for, or use any part of the Service, and remain in force until termination by either You or Northe.
    Both You and Northe may at any time terminate the Terms of Use. If You terminate the Terms of Use Northe will block access to, and delete, any account connected to the User in relation to the Service. Terminating the Terms of Use will not exclude any financial obligation You may have towards Northe relating to the Service.

  • 14. Entire Agreement and Changes to the Terms of Use

    These Terms of Use constitute the final and complete agreement between You and Northe in relation to its subject matter. These Terms of Use replace and supersede all previous terms of use and/or other agreements, written or oral, between You and Northe relating to its subject matter.
    Northe reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. You will be informed about changes to the Terms of Use by e-mail and/or through the Mobile App in a reasonable time before such changes.
    You can reject the change before the change is made and inform your disapproval to Northe. Upon rejecting the changes Northe reserves the right to limit or cancel your use of the Service and delete your account in the Mobile App. Rejecting changes to the Terms of Use does not exclude any financial obligation You may have towards Northe relating to the Service.
    Earlier versions of terms and conditions relating to the Service will not be archived by Northe.

  • 15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    These Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted according to Swedish law. If You are a consumer, applicable and compulsory consumer protection legislation of the country or region where you have your habitual place of residence shall prevail over Swedish law.
    If You are a business, entity, and/or individual using the Service for trade or business activities, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any dispute arising from the use of, or relating to, the Service and/or these Terms of Use is Stockholm, Sweden. This limitation does not apply if You are using the Service as a consumer in another jurisdiction.

  • 16. Severability Clause

    These Terms of Use do not limit your mandatory rights that cannot be waived according to mandatory law. Should any provision(s) under these Terms of Use be found to not be in accordance with applicable mandatory law the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
    Thank You for reading through Northe´s Terms of Use. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Northe team
Org no. 559239-8266‍
These Terms of Use was last updated on 31th of March 2022.

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