Northe Residential

For connected buildings

Northe Residential - a digital and overarching solution for charging and payments for your residence
  • 1.Add, invite or remove users with a few simple clicks.
  • 2.Charge & Pay for what you use—no more, no less.
  • 3.Simple, integrated and transparent way to monitor actual usage, charging and expenditure.
Supported providers

We have partnered with the largest public networks in Europe to ensure you have the access you need.


Hassle-free management

Our touchpoints will give you access to a simple and convenient portal to add, invite or remove users in real-time. Manage and monitor your residential charging network and charge the residences for their actual charging through a monthly bill—new revenue streams for you and less fuss for your end-users.

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We’ve got you covered! No matter the size or complexity.

As your residential property grows or your demands change, the admin burden shouldn’t. Our integrations with major CPOs and hardware manufacturers enable us to be fully compatible with all common EV chargers.