Activate your Allego account

You can now charge your car with the Northe app!

An account has been created with your email address (the one registered with LeasePlan).

To activate and start charging with the app, please follow the steps below.

Download the app in your mobile.
Log in with your email address (the one registered with LeasePlan), with your Fleet reference ID as password (LeasePlan Order number = Object number).
Add your vehicle to optimize the route planner. In the app, go into ‘Profile’, then ‘Vehicles’ and add your car.
Select station and plug ID in the app. Start the charging session by pressing ‘Start’.
Plug the cord into your car. Charging will begin within seconds. (The charging status can be followed in the app.)
Stop charging by pressing ‘Stop’ in the Northe app.

Your account password is the Fleet reference ID that you have got from LeasePlan.

Forgotten password? Reset your password by the link below.

A charging card/charging tag has been sent to your home address.

You will find instructions for activation of your charging card together with the card when it arrives.

For questions regarding the charging card or if you need to order a new one, please contact LeasePlan or your Fleet company.